Feeling Fresh?

While visiting the FASHION MECCA of the United States this past spring break, I knew what stores to go by and “see”.  Whether it be for a real purchase or for just some eye candy, I knew what to hit.

I love Marc Jacobs!

I adore this thread of patterned crochet on top of or under sheer outfits through this year’s LV collection!

Well, wouldn’t you know…I passed a store right on 5th Avenue called Joe Fresh.  Straight out of Canada with 300 stores in their country and only 3 locations in our country – New York, New Jersey and Long Island.  I had the kids with me, so I didn’t do too much shopping BUT this is the one store I wish I had gone into!

This store is highlighted in InStyle magazine this month.  It’s similar to Boden but from Canada with some great modern feel to it.  And by the way, the price points are unbelievably FRESH!!!!!

The only problem that I have seen thus far, you have to get yourself to New York to buy the clothing.  I have a call into the company to inquire about internet purchases, over the phone orders or even a trunk show.  I will keep you posted.  So if you visit New York anytime soon, be sure to check this store out.

As funny as my world works, my darling husband travels to Toronto on a weekly basis.  He is willing to purchase any items for my clients!  Please email me if you are interested!

In the meantime, check out  You’ll find some great clothing to make your closet feel FRESH!

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