Fashion Palette Cleanse

Welcome to Summertime!  I love this time of year and hope you do too!  On a personal note, I just returned from a great camp experience at Camp Greystone in Tuxedo, North Carolina.  I am feeling so rejuvenated by my time spent there!

What is so odd is that when I came back to Atlanta (on June 1st), my fashion emails were filled with Fall 2012 trends…ALREADY!  But I will hold back on that news till later this summer.  Enjoy what you have bought already for this season.

Just when you felt comfortable wearing bright hues this Spring and Summer, I came across a great suggestion from Who, What , Wear!  If color is just not your thing OR if you are tired of your bright colors, try a simple mixed white palette.    Mix white jeans with a cream or blush colored top.  Try a white tank, white jeans and an ivory blazer.  I know all of you have tons of white in your closet.  Have fun with them and play it up some.  A cream sweater with white shorts and awesome heels on a night out – so FUN!  It’s totally fashionable to play with mixed white colors just as the navy blues pair with turquoise this season.  Think of it as a color blocking option which, amazingly,  is still around for the Fall!

Check out the photos below!  Enjoy your cool summer while cleansing  your fashion palette!

From Who, What, Wear blog

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One thought on “Fashion Palette Cleanse

  1. Amy Reavis on said:

    Love all your insights! Thanks for keeping us current!

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