The Fashion of The Olympics


Ralph Lauren – A household American Fashion Label!

I feel, all of a sudden, so AMERICAN again with the Olympics coming this summer to one of my favorite cities (I lived in) – LONDON!!!!!

I write this blog on a more personal level than usual…so bear with me…

Ralph Lauren is truly an American Epic in the Fashion World.  I’m so excited that he won the rights to design the Olympic team’s fashion statement to the World as they watch the Opening Ceremony Parade!  Can you imagine being the Official Outfitter for our own country’s Olympic team?  What a huge compliment and what a huge endeavor!  If anyone could do this task, it’s Ralph Lauren.  His biography should be enough to move anyone in our American ways of giving the gift of OPPORTUNITY!

I went to Saks this week (to book my fashion night event in September) and happened across the sales rack.  I needed a blue – not light blue not turquoise but royal blue to navy blue – bathing suit.  Guess what – I found it.  Guess what – it had the infamous polo player on it.  Typically, I do not buy labelled clothing but guess what – I bought it in homage to the Olympics!  I found myself very happy with this decision.

Love that Women's Soccer!

Go Top Hatters!!!!!

So here is my fashion sense:  Watch out for the famous Ralph Lauren outfits this summer while supporting our amazing athletes!  In addition, pay a bit attention to the level of fashion sports sense that is being displayed by one of our own so talented American artists!  As you may recall, the Spring 2012 line of fashion out of New York showed a lot of sporty looks with neoprene fabrics to show off transition from real life to work out life and back.  Let’s see how RL makes that work.

Would love him in my pool any time!

Is this my new pool boy!

Go TEAM USA!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite fashion creator in the UK is sporting the UK team look…

Stella McCartney

Amazing daughter of Paul McCartney – allows no animal products into her production!

P.S.S.  Be sure to go by Saks sales rack this week for clothes and shoes and ask for Zoe downstairs!  She is an awesome salesperson!

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One thought on “The Fashion of The Olympics

  1. The Haute Frugalista on said:

    So Cute! Love R.L clothes

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