Packing the Less-Is-More Weekend Wardrobe

Here I am, packing boxes every day and realizing, again after again, how less is more!  As I move to a new house this next week, I’m so HAPPY that my wardrobe is so pared down!  

Now, the rest of my house seems to be in pretty good condition as I have had a lot of goodwill donations, housekeeper giveaways and a garage sale within the last 12 months.  However, the packing never seems to end!

What this whole concept gives me, in terms of advice, is this:  The more decision making you do now allows for less decision making DURING potentially stressful times.  Less decisions, whether it’s in a stressful mode OR a completely vacation mode, are always better!  So how can this translate to you while you are away on a weekend getaway????  

Here is what I say:

1.  LIMIT COLORS:  Bring your typical neutral colors (white, black, blue, etc) and only take 2 other vivid accents with you.  Accent colors can be in your clutch (if you are in a great city) or in a cozy cover up if the night chills a bit (lake or mountains).  

2.  WHITE JEANS:  They are crisp and clean!  Add a gold cuff and strappy wedges and it appears very refined!

3.  PACK A DRESS:  Try a material that travels well but also make sure the dress has a pattern to it.  That will project more polish!

4.  BRING A BUTTON – DOWN FRONT:  It goes with everything from bathing suit to jeans during the evening and moves right into PJ time as well!

5.  TWO PAIRS OF SHOES.  THAT’S IT!:  No sneakers.  Just flip flops and a simple neutral wedge for dress up.

Enjoy your summer trips!

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