Atlanta Welcomes C Wonder to Lenox Mall!

C Wonder Logo

Thanks to Ginny Evans, I made a huge mental note to wake up and exit the house early on Saturday morning (given that we are still in “sleep in” mode with no weekend games to attend to).  As a side note, it’s probably the main reason why I left The Summer Sizzle, a WONDERFUL CHARITY DINNER for Children’s Healthcare, on the early side.

Window Display

We met at Lenox Mall around 9:30a.m. to stand in a line where the first 100 customers received a gift card ranging from $5 to $250!  Ginny, thank goodness, received a $25 gift card while I got the $5 one.  As we stood in line, the darling C Wonder workers passed out bottles of water and lemonade.  It was all so wonderfully orchestrated!

Ginny and I were the 2nd group of 25 customers to enter into the store.  The workers all have wifi enabled “super sized” iPhones that are their registers.  It’s quite amazing the technology that new stores can offer up these days.  The store was impeccably put together, happy and overwhelming with what you can purchase.  Think clothes, gifts, home accessories, bicycles, technology accessories and on and on and on are available for you to sift through.

So I walked away with a C Wonder rendition of a Cartier bracelet in orange (though they had the rainbow to select from!), a love knot gold chain bracelet, a navy tee/tunic top and a key chain.  Unfortunately, my key chain did not make it home and I was charged for the wrong bracelet.  So I get to go back, which is actually exciting for me to be back in the store and re-look at some items, to not really exchange but just “fix” my order.   C Wonder probably had a few glitches somewhere that day but in hindsight – I should have checked my receipt before tuning out to listen for the winner of the Turn The Wheel Lottery.

The check out line was long BUT everyone received a goodie bag…


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