Tips on Organizing Your Closet

I know I can be very OCD when it comes to organizing my closet.  At the change of the seasons, I sort my shirts by the length of the sleeve (camisole to long sleeve and all in between) as well as the shirt colors within the sleeve collection.  I know this sounds tedious BUT it helps me see what I don’t wear which forces me to make sure I do wear it because if I don’t wear it – it should be taken out of the closet.  The other benefit to organizing in this manner is that I can see what items I have too many of (and therefore don’t need to buy anymore), what items are missing (and therefore need to remember to look for those while out shopping) or that you have just the right amount.  Try it out one day – organization.  It can be very therapeutic as well as helping you get dressed more efficiently.

Here are some other thoughts:

1.  Stack clutches and totes side by side on a shelf.  If there is wall space, hang purses on hooks so they’re visible and not crushed.

2.  Line up your shoes so you can see them all.  Invest in boot trees so that your boots stay upright and don’t lose their form.

3.  Never keep anything in dry-cleaning plastic bags.  These can trap moisture and ruin a garment.  If something needs to be bagged up, use a cloth garment bag.

4.  Make your closet pretty.  Hang an inspiring quote or a famous photo of people that inspire the way you like to dress.  Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Bridgette Bardot, Heidi Klum, Olivia Palermo, Kate Hudson and need I forget – Gwyneth Paltrow to name just a few.  Closet walls can be painted or even dressed up with wallpaper.  Don’t forget the good lighting – it helps to see your entire outfit.

5.  Invest in those skinny flocked hangers.  They are very light and flexible and do not take up as much space as other hangers that I have in my closet.  I recently found a box of these hangers at Costco (not online) and have enjoyed using them!  Nothing slides off them!

Don’t forget – I can help you organize your closet or do it all alone!  I’d love to help in anyway to make your life easier.

P.S.  I checked out 2 new stores recently and have enjoyed my purchases.  Calypso over by Yeah Burger on the West Side and W Port across from Piece of Cake on Roswell Road.  They have great fall pieces – lots of fun button down shirts and fun sweaters.   The color palette at Calypso is just awesome.  Ivory, camel, blues, greys and blacks.  W Port is a bit more like Rag & Bone though they didn’t carry that line.

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