The Essentials of Fall Menswear

Believe it or not…I have helped my husband’s closet in a variety of ways.  Let me count them…(think Shakespeare)!

I love having the top 10 items to have in a ladies closet, however, men only have 5 must haves for their closet.  I wonder why : )!

If your sweet hubby or partner or brother or father doesn’t have one of these items, you may think about giving these to him as a holiday gift.

1.  Outerwear Vest:  It’s a sophisticated way to layer whether it’s under a sports coat or over a button down shirt.

2.  Corduroy Pants:  Go for the color!  My husband has had the classic dark colors forever!  Navy, chocolate brown and khaki.  Go for a fun new fall color such as burnt orange or saffron.

3.  Soft sport coat:  So they need to dress up but they are tired of looking like work in a business suit or coat & tie attire.  There are so many versions of trendy jackets that don’t have the padding & lining that is found in formal business wear.  It’s a great piece to have in the South on those not so cold winter days AND it’s great as a travel item.

4.  Scarf:  Can I say any scarf is sexy?  Enough said!

5.  Fine-gauge turtleneck:  They are making a big comeback and look great under suits OR that casual jacket from #3.

Have fun with going with this list according to your budget and your man’s taste! Email me if you need some help!

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