It’s the Top of the Fall Coat…(tip of the iceberg)!

I know it’s 90 degrees here in Atlanta and the humidity is close to the same number!  So Top Coats are very FAR AWAY from most of our minds.  However, Top Coats are the “Tip of the Iceberg” for this Fall.  They have replaced the cardigan and blazer look for this Fall.  In the South, we can wait for the sale prices in order to buy these incredible top coats especially since our icy temperatures don’t appear until December or later!

I just met a new neighbor who moved from New Canaan to Atlanta over the summer.  She, in fact, has a jacket closet and a coat closet!  Really!  In the South, we merge those like we do the Connecter in Downtown!  I was very inspired by her closet organization (and existence)!

So have fun with this season’s big hit.  Many designers, boutiques and knock offs will carry the amazing look of a revamped top coat.  It’s just not your typical black or camel coat (Note:  these pieces should be a classic in your closet already).  This Fall’s Top Coat has a bit of a flare.  Whether it’s color, length or how you layer it – Add a few to your closet!  An everyday outfit that you wear can now become very updated, different and fun!

LC red cocoon coatLast year while reading one of my favorite blogs,, I spotted an amazing red cocoon coat worn with explicit simpleness…jeans, white tee and snakeskin pumps.  I was besotted and determined to find a similar look.  J Crew gave me that simple desire this Fall!  

I am now in a patiently waiting mode to find this ridiculously beautiful top coat by Rebecca Taylor…


RT 2014 Coat

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