Where is the Clutch?

I love that this term is now so evocative of current Women’s fashion vs. the former Men’s generation where the clutch had to do with a car…in which I still do not understand!

The Clutch is, yet again, a Fall 2014 Fashion item to have around your wardrobe.  Trust me – this is a trend that will never go away!  Think of this item as a simple piece of jewelry.  Do you prefer to have your heavy tote with you at an adult function or would you prefer to let go of your carry-on and donate your simple items to your date, boyfriend or husband?  Well, many of us actually do carry on without those dates, boyfriends or husbands!  So, exit stage right and have a great clutch to carry on with your performance!

I have been building my stash of clutches over the years and realize how great they have come along with my fashion life.  I have a classic Kate Spade, an awesome neighbor introduced me to this look…it’s chocolate brown so I don’t use it much BUT it is a necessary color in my closet.  I have another Kate Spade, gold clutch, that I have worn for years and I plan to never replace!  I have a bronze Coach clutch that converts to a messenger bag type look that I take to concerts and I have a newly purchased Clare Vivier animal print fold over that I take EVERYWHERE.  Clare-Vivier-Animal-Clutch





So to top out my clutch needs is that classic black clutch!  It has taken me at least 3+ years to find the perfect one (for me) and I finally did this season via DVF!  diane-von-furstenberg-black-diamond-dust-envelope-clutch-product-1-16531575-0-942874487-normal_large_flexFunny, I had eyed it.  Then, I pulled a page from a spread in inStyle.  Then GOOP specially designed one similar to the DVF clutch that I had already wanted.  My heart stopped with the first DVF look that I had found but GOOP’s items are just as lovely.  Here is the link:

If you need any help shopping for clutches…please do contact me!  I would hate for you to miss a place to drop your DL, lipstick, lip liner, cell phone and valet tip money!  Life made simple!


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