The Seasonal Shift is here!

So I have been working hard on cleaning out my closet starting with all of my shoes, Fall sweaters, and all of my tops/shorts/skirts/pants.  I have put my items taken out of the closet into my 3 categories:

1.  Throw away

2.  Donate

3.  Consign

Category 1 is the best because it’s quick and easy to grab that pile and dunk it into your garbage can.  Category 2 takes a bit more time.  You have to choose the charity and deliver the goods and possibly do a tax receipt.  Category 3 is the most time consuming and ,at times, frustrating task to handle.

Over the years, I have used eBay, local consignment shops, Facebook (Buckhead exchange!) and R3 (Reduce, Recycle & Reuse).  Well, I am about to partake in an adventure of a new way to consign!  I am going to ship several items of EUC clothing to a website called  I pay for the shipping.  Then, they will offer me a cash payback via email.  If you approve of the cash offer, you can transfer the money straight to your bank account.  If you do not agree with the offer, you can choose to pay for the items to be shipped back OR you can have them donate to a charity.

I’m looking forward to documenting my effort and will follow up on my success!

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