My Shoe Redo

So I began my seasonal shift a couple of weeks ago.  Here are my photos so that you can see how I did the shift and clean out and closet management…

My before:                                                                           My during:



My after:  Image 1

It may not appear as such a big “do-over” but it actually was.  I got rid of at least 10 pairs of shoes.  In addition, I tend to keep my shoe boxes to store shoes for a variety of reasons.  I hate how dust can collect on shoes so I put them in the boxes for safe keeping.  Over the years, I’ve also noticed that I forget what is in each of the boxes because they were a bit out of reach or I just didn’t have the time to open up each lid to look in and figure out if they were the right shoe or not.

With this clean up, I took pictures off my phone of each box and what it contained.  I made a quick powerpoint with the photos and printed those off.  I cut out each of those photos and taped them to the box and now all of my critical thinking time for dressing has been cut down tremendously.   My biggest mantra is that when you have too much in your closet to make a decision, it gets harder on you.  So even though the process took a few days to (finally) complete, it’s been well worth the effort.  Now, I can see where I am missing some key shoes and I see which shoes I wear most often and thus may need to be on the look out for a future replacement.  Check out these photos (as a side note, please disregard the photo quality):

IMG_1611 IMG_1620 Image Image 2

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