Dreary Weather…Denim Weather!

So I went to lunch today for a very special reason…a friend, who is a working Mom of 4 AND in the Air Force as a Lt. Colonel, is deploying out for 6 months to the Middle East!  OMG!!!!!!!  GO GIRL!!!!!!!

While the awesome ladies filed into the restaurant (13 Pies if anyone hasn’t been yet), at least half of the group sported denim jackets.  Don’t worry, the other awesome ladies looked just as amazing and I’ll explain why in a moment.  However, the moment is DENIM!

While that is not hard to accomplish in the South, it may be for others around our precious Country.  Here are my thoughts on denim this season:

1.  Be sure you have a staple denim jacket in your closet.  If not, it should be your #1 next purchase wherever you shop!  Here are a few ideas:


2. Denim on denim is very “in” right now.  Think of the recent fads when you wore all of the same color but in different tones.  Turquoise on Navy or Petal Pink on Hot Pink or Mint Green with Moss Green. Well, it works for denim!  Here is what I plan to do:


3.  Take a more sophisticated piece and pair it with denim…but in reverse!  For ages, we have been wearing “cute tops” with awesome jeans.  Well, put a spin on things now!  Take out a great dress and wear your jean jacket to dress it down.  Pair a work skirt with a casual denim top.  Wear a denim romper or jumpsuit.  The ideas are endless!  Here is what I picked up last summer and I look forward to wearing it more this year:  $_1

As for the awesome ladies at lunch…here is how they rounded out the Spring Fashion Trends!  They wore All White, Spice Market Colors and Prints!

Thank you to sweet Vanessa for encouraging me to blog more!  As fashion goes, it’s always ‘Tis the Season!

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3 thoughts on “Dreary Weather…Denim Weather!

  1. mary nagode on said:

    Leslie, this was great!! Wonderful suggestions. You are very gifted with putting things together. I love you and I’m so proud of you! Mom


  2. Elizabeth C. on said:

    Love it, Leslie! Keep the fashion advice coming…

  3. Laura Pemberton on said:

    I spotted you yesterday in your awesome pants and denim jacket! Going to take your advice and get one. My closet is without. Also can’t wait to see you in that awesome denim romper!

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